Free Parking at Cesira Guesthouse and general parking rules in Italy

Parking in Montalcino can be quite tricky, especially during the season, but there are still several paid and free parking options available around the Fortezza, outside its walls. Below, we have listed some general but important information about parking and driving rules in Italy that might be helpful for your upcoming trip.

At the same time, there is good news: guests of the Cesira Guesthouse can be allocated a special permit to park for free at paid parking places. Only one important limitation – there has to be a spot available, which we sadly cannot guarantee.

General parking guidelines in Italy:

If you wish to park for free in Italy, you need to look for places marked with white lines. Please note that there is still often a time limit, so please be careful and read the parking signs if available.

Blue lines mean that you must pay. Next to the "blue zone" there is always a parking kiosk, where you can buy a coupon to place on dashboard so that the information displayed on it is visible through the windshield.

Special categories of drivers, including drivers with disabilities, can use areas marked in yellow. These areas can also be used for loading/unloading purposes and other minor, non-time-consuming tasks.

Free city parking in Montalcino

Free parking lots can be found behind or a few meters across from the Fortezza. Also, you can park for free below the fortress. Lower-level unmarked spots are free. It is not so far to go to the center from there, but you need to walk up a small hill.

Locals and those in the know always try for the spaces on the unpaved area behind the second lot. They are free, and can be surprisingly available if you are lucky enough. So, give it a try!

Paid parking in Montalcino

Paid parking costs approximately 2 euros / hour and is located on Via Roma close to the Madonna del Soccorso church. Considering that the town is quite small, and it won't take long to explore it, the cost of parking is quite acceptable.

Other paid parking areas are located near the Piazza Grande square on the south side of the city and Piazza Minzoni G. square to the north.