High speed internet as one of the main service features at Cesira Guesthouse

Providing a high quality, fast and stable internet connection for our guests is one of the main and unique service elements at Montalcino B&B. We acknowledge and understand the need for 24/7/365 connectivity and so we've deliberately invested in this feature, which now makes Montalcino B&B a unique accommodation place among other small family hotels in Tuscany, Italy.

Internet connection in Italy

If you have ever traveled around Italy, most probably you already know that internet connection in this country is quite unstable, with low speed and bad quality in many areas. And Tuscany is unfortunately no exception. Traveling here, it can be a challenge all of its own to find a place to stay with a good quality internet connection.

In the modern world, when more and more people do business online and are highly dependent on digital communications, a stable internet connection becomes simply critical. That’s why when we renovated our property (Cesira Guesthouse) in 2021 we devoted quite a lot of effort, investment, and attention to it.

Our internet is based on a direct, sky-fi connection. The quality and speed of the internet provided to all guests of Cesira Guesthouse cannot be found in any other hotel or guest house within 200km. There is just nothing else of this type around – prominent, direct, and standalone. So, if your trip to Tuscany involves any online business meetings or requires an online presence – Cesira Guesthouse could make a great option for your stay. Enjoy the beauty of medieval homestay in the heart of Montalcino city, with the best quality internet service provided for any of your business or personal needs.

We hope you will enjoy staying with us at the Cesira Guesthouse!