Restricted Areas or ZTL - Zona Traffico Limitato

Many Italian cities and towns including Montalcino have Restricted Areas for driving in the city center (ZTL – Zona Traffico Limitato). In these areas, driving is authorized only for local residents or individuals with special permission (for example, if you are driving to a hotel located in the restricted zone). Pay attention to posted signs and be careful not to enter restricted areas without special permission: you need to apply in advance to the local authorities.


If you are staying in a hotel located in a "ZTL", the hotel must pre-notify local authorities providing the approximate time of your arrival and your car details.

Most of the ZTL zones in Italy are monitored by video cameras. So, if you enter one without permission, the cameras will automatically register you and issue a fine.

Avoid the mistake of following local drivers’ routines

It is very important to understand that the easiest way to earn a fine in Italy is to follow the example of an Italian resident or any other local driver. If the car ahead went into a narrow road, that does not mean you can follow. If a resident parked somewhere, maybe he/she has special permission to do it – so please avoid copying others’ behavior. You can only trust the road signs and surface markings, not the driving habits of the locals.

I need a car but don't want to drive!

If you travel to Montalcino without a car, it’s not a problem, as we can pick you up at the airport. Perugia is 100km away and Florence is 120km. The trip to the residence takes around two hours, depending on the airport where you arrive.

Also, if you do not want to drive here yourself, but you would like to have a car for convenient travel across the Tuscan countryside, a private driver can be provided for you upon request. On average, this service is provided for twelve hours a day throughout your entire stay; but it can vary with your personal preferences. Just contact our guest relations representative to organize it in the most convenient way for you.

Our guest relations could also help with organizing trips to a winery or any other place of interest in Tuscany. We hope you enjoy staying with us at Cesira Guestouse!