Where to go staying at Cesira Guesthouse: Bacci Wines and their four vineyards, all well worth

There are plenty of vineyards and wineries to visit in Tuscany. You can spend several weeks exploring them. But in this article we would like to tell you about one of our favorite partner wineries, known as Bacci Wines.

Bacci Wines is a fully organic company founded in 1985 by Marco Bacci; it is a family business led by Marco and his son Jacopo, with the help of the international entrepreneur Serg Bell, owner of and investor in the Cesira Guesthouse.

The Bacci family produces around 21 wine labels from four family estates of around 900 hectares: Castello di Bossi, Renieri, Terre di Talamo, Barbaione and Tenuta di Renieri.

Bacci Wines produces several of the most celebrated Tuscany appellations (such as Morellino di Scansano, Chianti Classico and Brunello di Montalcino) and represents the excellence of Tuscan wine around the world.

The vineyards are located within an hour from Cesira Guesthouse by car. It is a spectacular road trip to make.